Frequently asked questions about our Pazzo brake and clutch levers
We have explained the procedure here:
We offer all Pazzo Racing parts. Please note the category "individual parts" in our shop.
It's a matter of taste. Due to the shape (straight out, the original levers are more like a banana shape) the Pazzo levers are easier to grip. Experience has shown that we recommend long levers for a hydraulic clutch due to the leverage required. Long levers have the advantage of better leverage. Short levers look nicer. But as I said, that's a matter of taste.
You can find these levers here: However, the levers differ from the shape you are familiar with (see photos).
Unfortunately no, we do not offer custom-made products.
No, we only offer the colors listed in the shop.
Basically yes, but due to the current corona pandemic, we are currently not offering this option.
No, we do not have in length adjustable levers. We have made the experience that due to the design (millings in the grip surface) an unattractive grip is created.
No, because the material (aluminum) is weakened after a fall. All that remains is the exchange, see individual parts