General operating licence for Pazzo Racing levers
Since 2010, all Pazzo Racing levers have been delivered including a general operating licence. Nevertheless, we regularly receive inquiries for older levers that do not yet have such a marking - this speaks for itself: Pazzo Racing levers that are over 10 years old are still popular due to their excellent quality.
Do you have Pazzo Racing levers without a general operating licence?
In order to save you the purchase of a new set of levers including the general operating licence, you have the option of having the levers marked with an operating licence number afterwards.
To access this, please proceed as follows:
  • In the first step, please check whether it is an original Pazzo Racing lever (see also
  • Contact us by email at and please attach the following attachments:
    • Photos of the levers
    • Proof of purchase
    • Your full address and telephone number for any queries

If you no longer have proof of purchase, this is no problem either. In this case, we will be happy to explain how to proceed further by email.

Subsequent labeling is possible, but can only take place in-house. After approval by us, send in the levers - we check the levers, subject them to a service (lubrication of the mechanically moving parts as well as checking the function), mark the levers with a number from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and send them back to you with the general operating licence.
Do you need a new general operating licence booklet for your Pazzo Racing brake and clutch levers?
No problem - we would be happy to issue you a new general operating licence. For this it is important that your levers already have an marking from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, as the operating licence is only valid in conjunction with this.

Due to the fact that our operating licence has been misused and falsified more and more frequently, we cannot offer it for download. We have also noted in the operating licence that it is only printed in four colors and is valid in bound form. If necessary, a new operating licence will be sent to you by post. The processing fee for this, including postage, is currently € 10.00 including VAT.
To get a new ABE, please proceed as follows:

Contact us by email at including the following attachments:
  • Photos of the levers with recognizable KBA number
  • Your full address and telephone number for any queries.

You will then receive a prompt reply from us including an order confirmation for the transfer of the processing fee. Payment is currently only possible in advance / bank transfer.