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The name Pazzo Racing stands for high-quality brake and clutch levers since 2005. These levers are produced in a complex and precise manner at Pazzo Racing in British Columbia (Canada). The highlights include:

6-way adjustability
All brake and clutch levers can be easily adjusted to the required distance with the adjuster, even while driving. The steps are labeled so that you can always quickly find your favorite position.

High quality material
The Pazzo levers are fully CNC milled from 6061-T6 aluminum. In addition, a high-quality anodized coating protects and seals the brake and clutch levers. They are more resistant to scratches and do not fade even after years.

Different versions
Both brake and clutch levers are available in long and short versions, as well as in foldable and non foldable versions. According to your own personal taste.

Different colors and color combinations
The colors of the levers and adjusters are freely selectable. In this way they blend in perfectly with the overall look of the motorcycle.

Approved for road traffic
All Pazzo Racing levers come with a general operating license and are therefore approved for road traffic.

Scope of delivery
Brake and clutch levers are delivered ready for assembly, i.e. they are directly suitable for the selected vehicle. The delivery includes printed assembly instructions (in 3 languages: DE, EN, FR) and the general operating permit.

BMWK1300 R2013
BMWR1200 GS2012
BMWF800 R2011
BMWHP2 / Enduro / Megamoto2007
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2017
BMWK1300 S2009
BMWK1200 S2006
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2013
BMWF 800 S / ST2012
BMWK1600 GT2014
BMWR1200 RT / SE2010
BMWK1200 GT2007
BMWF700 GS2015
BMWK1300 R2012
BMWR1200 GS2011
BMWF800 R2010
BMWHP2 / Enduro / Megamoto2006
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2016
BMWR1200 ST2008
BMWK1200 S2005
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2012
BMWF 800 S / ST2011
BMWK1600 GT2013
BMWR1200 R2014
BMWHP2 / Enduro / Megamotoalle
BMWF700 GS2014
BMWK1300 R2011
BMWR1200 GS2010
BMWF800 R2009
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2013
BMWK1600 GTL2016
BMWR1200 ST2007
BMWK1200 S2004
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2011
BMWF 800 S / ST2010
BMWK1600 GT2012
BMWR1200 R2013
BMWF 800 S / ST2014
BMWF700 GS2013
BMWK1300 R2010
BMWR1200 GS2009
BMWF800 GT2018
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2012
BMWK1600 GTL2015
BMWR1200 ST2006
BMWK1200 R Sport2008
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2010
BMWF 800 S / ST2009
BMWK1600 GT2011
BMWR1200 R2012
BMWF800 R2018
BMWF650 GS Zweizyl.2012
BMWK1300 R2009
BMWR1200 GS2008
BMWF800 GT2017
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2011
BMWK1600 GTL2014
BMWR1200 ST2005
BMWK1200 R Sport2007
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2009
BMWF 800 S / ST2008
BMWK1600 GT2010
BMWR1200 R2011
BMWF800 R2017
BMWF650 GS Zweizyl.2011
BMWK1300 S2015
BMWR1200 GS2007
BMWF800 GT2016
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2010
BMWK1600 GTL2013
BMWR1200 S2008
BMWK1200 R Sport2006
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2008
BMWF 800 S / ST2007
BMWK1300 GT2011
BMWR1200 R2010
BMWF800 R2016
BMWF650 GS Zweizyl.2010
BMWK1300 S2014
BMWR1200 GS2006
BMWF800 GT2015
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2009
BMWK1600 GTL2012
BMWR1200 S2007
BMWK1200 R2008
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2007
BMWF 800 S / ST2006
BMWK1300 GT2010
BMWR1200 R2009
BMWF800 R2015
BMWF650 GS Zweizyl.2009
BMWHP2 / Enduro / Megamoto2009
BMWK1300 S2013
BMWR1200 GS2005
BMWF800 GT2014
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2008
BMWK1600 GTL2011
BMWR1200 S2006
BMWK1200 R2007
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2006
BMWK1300 GT2009
BMWR1200 R2008
BMWF800 R2014
BMWF650 GS Zweizyl.2008
BMWHP2 / Enduro / Megamoto2008
BMWK1300 S2012
BMWR1200 GS2004
BMWF800 GT2013
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2007
BMWK1600 GTL2010
BMWR1200 RT / SE2013
BMWK1200 R2006
BMWF700 GS2018
BMWK1300 R2015
BMWR1200 R2007
BMWF800 R2013
BMWF650 GS Einzyl. 2007
BMWHP2 / Enduro / Megamoto2005
BMWK1300 S2011
BMWK1200 S2008
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2015
BMWR 1200 GS / Adventure2006
BMWK1600 GT2016
BMWR1200 RT / SE2012
BMWK1200 R2005
BMWF700 GS2017
BMWK1300 R2014
BMWR1200 R2006
BMWF800 R2012
BMWF650 GS Einzyl. 2006
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2018
BMWK1300 S2010
BMWK1200 S2007
BMWF800 GS / Adventure2014
BMWF 800 S / ST2013
BMWK1600 GT2015
BMWR1200 RT / SE2011
BMWK1200 GT2008
BMWF700 GS2016
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